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ivermectin and Arabs

Here's a question for y'all...

Have any of you heard of problems with the oral ivermectin for some
breeds of horses? I know that ivermectin is not recommended for shepard
breeds of dogs and friends of mine had very nasty problems with the IM
ivermectin years (almost 10 years) ago. My horse was bred by a breeder
who had the nasty probs with the IM ivermectin. This horse comes from
the same lines.

My horse is in outstanding health (keeps weight nicely, nice coat,
plenty of spunk, all systems normal) with the exception that she's a
tail rubber. She is wormed regularly alternating with anthelcide in the
winter months, then a Strongid purge and daily Strongid in the summer
months. The barn I'm at now is on a different rotation, and I've kept my
horse on her own rotation. The barn I'm at now includes ivermectin in
the rotation 2x per year.

Am I putting the other horses at risk by having mine on a different
rotation? Does anyone see any reason why I should/should not use the
ivermectin? I do know that it is important to dose the ivermectin
according to the horse's exact weight.

Never had a fecal worm count done...never had a reason to. Maybe I
should start with that?


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