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the great carbo debate-again

In a message dated 12/9/99 9:26:23 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<<   Seems to me that "carbs" are what endurance horses THRIVE on.   I know 
 when I was doing ultra-triathlons, I subsisted on a diet of almost 100% 
 COMPLEX carbohydrates.>>

Actually, the key here is COMPLEX carbohydrates! Cellulose-the stuff in
forages that horses are geared up to ferment, producing the volatile fatty
acids that they can then use as a cool, efficient enegry source, is
actually also classified as a complex carbohydrate. The only difference
from the ones Frank was using is in the type of bond between the molecules.
Our digestive enzymes can't break cellulose's Beta bonds-only bacteria can.
So, in essence, letting your horse stock up on hay before a ride is
actually a horsey version of carbo loading! The glucose/insulin problems
are stimulated more by feeds loaded with simple carbohydrates-read sugars:
sweet feeds, corn etc. 

Just my two cents worth again.
Back to lurking. Have a happy and safe holiday.

Oh-btw: December 22 is the winter solstice AND a full moon! it should be
spectacular! I'm planning, weather permitting, on taking full advantage and
doing a moonlight ride!

Sarah Ralston and Fling (whee-I like riding at night!)

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