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Re: RC: Re: RE: When a horse "quits"

I guess when I am thinking about watching carbohydrates for horses I am
thinking of the myriads of our clients who feed upwards of 10# a day of
sweet feed.  I am wondering if carbo charge type products are akin to us
eating a Snickers bar to make it over the hump (?)...I am NOT advocating NO
carbs for horses or people, heavens no!  But not all carbs are created
equal....Frank is talking about complex carbs.  Simple carbs are another
story.  I realize in competition next year, I will need to make sure I have
adequate carbs for the long haul....but the RIGHT ones and the right amount
are essential for me. No Snicker bar pick me ups for me, I am afraid!   I
am in the process of educating myself and experimenting to find out what
works for ME.  It won't work for everyone.  

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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