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In defense of pigs

Sorry guys, I know this is not endurance related but have to add my 2 cents here. Pigs are the 4th most smartest mammals on our planet (humans, monkeys, dolphins and pigs). My potbelly Lester is a prime example of pig intelligence!! Kind of explains why they avoided those traps Connie!! They are very social, creative, affectionate animals and don't deserve in the least the bad rap people give them. They are considered dirty mostly because of the enviornment they are usually forced to live in. Lester has no odor (never gets a bath, but he is also nuerted, boars can smell) fleas won't touch that rough skin and they are very hardy animals. No doubt in my mind they cause much damage to water sheds etc...But then we have that same old question, if not native to the area, who brought them here? and if they are native, loss of habitat and predators have upset the balance. Seems to a pretty common problem nowadays...I volunteer at at a PBP sanctuary (yes there a quite a few of them due to the pot belly pig craze in the 80's) and some of the abuses inflicted on these animals are horrific..blow torches, deformities from starvation, beatings me a bleeding heart if you will, but i also own 2 slaughter bound horses, rescued dogs and Lester.
Have to say though, Lester has won my heart like no other animal I've ever owned. Next time any of you are around a pig, take a moment to look into their eyes, you can literaly see the intelligence looking back at you.....

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