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Getting my guy Back:)

Denise Jenkins
I am so excited to tell all of you that read my post and were
kind enough to write me with your experience and wisdom "the good
news":)  I went to the gal that was buying my horse and she agreed
reluctantly to allow me to "rescue" my horse.  Then I went to the
people that are boarding him to make sure I was going to be able
to take him out with no problems and they were sooooo glad I was
coming to get him:)  They were told that Cayenne was only going to
be there a couple of weeks and it had been a month(since the 4th
of November).  They are poor people and they did what they could
to care for him but they were given no money and no feed.  They
fed him the hay they fed their sheep and he had a little grass(
very little:)  PRAISE GOD for allowing me to have him back.  I do
need to find a place to board him and I am not finding anything
I can afford that has what I need.  Daily turnout, feeding in the
morning, and someplace to ride(the places with arenas are so high)
If anyone in the Molalla Woodburn area can help me board him until
I rent a place I can take care of cleaning his stall and feeding
at night.  I can provide his food as I am very pickie about what
he eats.  I need a good ferrier to help me get his feet in shape.
They are way overgrown.  There is going to be a lot of money going
out to just get him healthy again.  I will need all of your help
in learning how to get my little horse healthy again.

Thank you All and my number is 266-4687

Denise & Cayenne

PS I also need help hauling him from Anderson Road, right off Redland
road, over to wherever I find to board him:)  I don't expect any-
thing for nothing though and will pay for hauling and a reasonable
amount for board:)

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