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Re: RC: Water Question

In a message dated 12/8/99 8:01:44 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I would say YES, horse can tolerate poorer quality water than humans.  
 had horses drink out of mud puddles on the desert that was about 50% yellow 
 mud.  They don't seem to mind and it doesn't seem to hurt them.  >>

I'd have to second what Barbara has said about a horse's ability to tolerate 
more impurity than a person.  However, I'd also add that mere "dirt" is 
tolerable to the human, too.  Back in the pre-water-bottle days, I drank my 
fill from several of those muddy puddles, too, and never had a problem.  
"Dirt" in and of itself is not toxic--the problem comes from water 
contaminated with fecal material, or for humans, Giardia in the streams. (And 
that's one that horses handle better than we do.)


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