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RE: re: shoulder twitching

Several people have mentioned how well shoulder twitching works. Possibly
the reason it works so well is that there is an accupressure point about
midway down the shoulder crease that has a calming/tranquilizing effect.
When reading thru a horse massage book I looked at an illustration of
accupressure points and there it was. I was taught how to grab a handful of
skin and twist when working with hyper race horses. Many horses that will
fight a twitch will stand for a shoulder "twitch". There are numerous ones
on the body and head but many horses don't care to have their heads/ears
messed with. I'm sure that a good twist of the loose skin also distracts a
horse to some extent.

Bonnie Snodgrass

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wendy lumbert
thanks Heidi - I should have mentioned about using the needle
only and not attaching the syringe. You described our method or two taps and then the needle in - the horse
never feels a thing. Piece of cake to attach the syringe and
shoot.  What is it about shoulder twitching that works so well?
None of our older horses even need the grain anymore, just a
shoulder twitch and its all over before you know it.
I'm not sure how that gliding needle technique is performed.  

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