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Re: Hematoma

'Dents' are common after kick injuries or other blunt trauma - doesn't have
anything to do with whether the resulting hematoma is lanced or not results from damage to the muscle.....

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From: Liz Newfield <>
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Date: Tuesday, December 07, 1999 7:35 PM
Subject: RC: Hematoma

>I had a filly once that was kicked in the neck and got a hematoma the =
>size of a small hen egg. Asked my vet to lance it and he replied that he =
>would, but the horse would develop a dent in her neck when it healed, =
>best thing to do was just wait till it reabsorbed. Well, back then I had =
>been every where and seen everything so I said just lance it Doc. He =
>did. She still (14 years later) has a dent in her neck you can see from =
>100 feet away. Now days I'd just ask for a Vet's advice about proper =
>treatment, then take it.
>I had a gelding that had a hematoma from a kick in the butt.  Never was
>treated.  He had a dent in the muscle for the rest of his life.  He didn't
>have a "rear view mirror" so he couldn't see it and I guess that's why it
>didn't bother him.
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