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Fw: repo horse

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From: ckellerfarm <>
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Date: Tuesday, December 07, 1999 4:13 PM
Subject: repo horse

>I reposed a horse 2 years ago. The man came and bought a yearly 1/2 Arab
>QH gelding. He paid with a personal check, my thinking was he seamed nice
>and had his kids with ( Raven was to be an Xmas gift for his wife). Will
>check bounced for 1 month we called the bank  and we told that they didn't
>think the check would be good for some time yet. We called him and asked
>cash or the colt back. The man said he'd bring the cash, well he didn't.So
>my husband then told him, he had 24 hours to pay or bring back the colt or
>he'd get a visit from the police. That night my dogs were barking at 1 AM ,
>I looked out and he was putting the colt in the pasture across the road, I
>dressed and ran out there and started to cruse me out for recking Xmas for
>his wife. Filling bad, I told him to talk to my husband maybe he could make
>payments, he just gave me a mad look and drove off. Last time we saw or
>heard from him. Later my farrier told me he did the same to another  client
>of his, only he never got the horse back, and it took him 6 month to make
>the check good. Lesson learned, don't sell with personal checks and I do
>want to raise  and sell horses, only the raise ones I want to keep.
>By the way I resold the colt 1 month later to a woman she made payments for
>3 months, she is happy with him and we are now friends!
>Try telling the person with the horse you well take the same action, seemed
>to work for us. Never give papers until the check clears the bank.
>Tamara (who use to think she wanted to raise and sell horse)

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