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<<I'm passing on this information to Ridecamp. Please contact
Rob $ Kathy Dobrowsky for more information - >>

Day 1.....Riding distance....12 Km.
Day 2....Riding distance.....23 Km.
Day 3...Riding distance.....No set riding today. But there are opportunities
to ride out to local villagers and explore the country.
Day 4....Riding distance....18 Km.
Day 5....Riding distance....8 Km. We dont ride from point A to B but again
we go to one of the villagers and explore the surrounding country.
Day 6...Riding distance....40 Km. This is made up of 25 Km's to Dwesa and an
optional 15 Km ride in the reserve.
Total distance 101 Km's.
There is a short hike on day one. We go upstream on a boat and a short walk
to the
gates. This is an unusual rock formation in the hills where there are large
pools of water.Bring your bathing costume along.
 On the non riding days we are still able to ride if that is
what you  wish to do.  There is plenty to do on the non riding days.  This
coast line has an abundance
of shellfish and cray fish, we have snorkeling gear as well as fishing
rods. You  can relax and lie on the beach, go for walks or swim.

The first day is an easy 12 Km ride to the Trenneries hotel from the Kei
river. We ride via Nongqawases pool to Trenneries where we stop for lunch.
After lunch we take a boat trip and hike up the Qolora river to the gates, a
spectacular rock formation with deep pools. We return to the hotel to unwind
on unspoiled beaches or around the swimming pool where hospitality is the
order of the day.
Day two sees us depart after breakfast from Trenneries to the Kobonqaba
river via the Jackaranda shipwreck. This is a relaxing ride of 8 Km's all
the beach. We wade through the Kobonqaba river and continue along the beach
for another 8 Km's to Silver bay where we rondavue with our back up vehicle
for lunch. After a leisurely lunch we ride along the shoreline for 7Km's to
our camping spot at Cebe.
We spend two nights at Cebe giving you the opportunity to relax on the beach
and take in the splendour and stunning scenery of the Wild Coast. You will
have the opportunity of snorkeling, fishing and collecting shell fish off
the rocks, in season.
Well relaxed, we depart for Mazeppa bay which is a leisurely 12 Km ride all
along the beach. After lunch at the hotel we  continue for 6 Km's high
along the cliffs to Kob Inn hotel, crossing the Qora river.
On day five we visit Jujura village. This is off the tourist map and is a
fully functional village with people still living as they have for
generations. You will be able to visit the local resident "Sharma", before
moving down to the beach for lunch. We return to the hotel and take a
Sundowner cruise up the Qora river. For those with still enough energy to
stay up we relax and chat in the bar, literally on the rocks with the waves
rolling up to within metres of where we sit.
Day six we depart from Kob Inn and ride to Dwesa coastal game reserve. This
is a magnificent stretch of coast line with miles of beaches and numerous
rivers to cross. The ride is 25 Km's and ends all to soon. After lunch we
take a ride through Dwesa to view the Buffalo, Rhino, Zebra and many other
species. We return to our camp site for our last night out.
Day seven is spent snorkeling, fishing and relaxing on the beach before we
return to East London via Bawa Falls and Qunu, the birthplace and home of
Nelson Mandela.

The price of this trip is $ 1365.00 per person per trip.
The price in £ís is £ 805.00 per person per trip.
This price includes all accommodation, meals, drinks, transfers,  use of our
horses and tack as well a guide for the duration of the trip.
Arikara Safaris
P.O Box 200
South Africa

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