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RC advice

you are going to get a lot of check with your Drs advice. when you go to him 
you need to explain to him the rigors of the sport. do a lot of research. I 
am going against a Chiroprators advice to ride. But I feel that riding is 
the food for my soul right now. On the days that are hard to get on I will 
walk with my horse around the pasture. Walking is the best exercise for my 
bad back. I use a back brace and a knee brace when I ride longer distances. 
best of luck and ease into the sport you can't just hope to get a horse and 
go. Like any athlete you and your horse both must be fit. Also you may 
consider the gaited type horses such as Tennessee walkers, Paso Fino's and 
others. That trot can hurt the innards after a while.
Carla ( if i die in the saddle bury my saddle with me)
Ansata (please bury that horrid thing before she kix the bucket!)
Haley (need to do something with that old hull!)
Rob (oh great more $$$ going out for a saddle casket!)

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