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Vets for Rides

We have some evolution happening in front of us. And it is GOOD,

At the mid year board meeting of AERC Barbara McCrary discussed and
motioned that we begin a certification process of Endurance Ride Vets.
This was tabled and sent to the Veterinary Committee.  There was
discussion about the terms used for Vetting rides vs. judging rides.

In the latest edition of the American Association Equine Practitioners,
AEEP, on the last page was a call for assistance, "NATRC seeks
veterinary judges." Contact for more information or
copies. Or contact Stephanie Ostrowski, DVM through 505-751-4198

USET and AHSA are encouraging Clinics for Stewards and FEI Vets and the
increase in FEI rides provided in the U.S. (Though they are NOT
certifying any new stewards or vets, only letting the other countries
produce new stewards and certified Vets, bad news for US.)

As a Ride manager in a variety of horse sports I know first hand about
how difficult it has become lately to get Vets for rides. In addition,
as a participant at MANY rides, I know first hand many of the problems
of getting competent help in Vet services focused on endurance riding. I
have been let out when I shouldn't have and pulled when I shouldn't
have....(though I do not mind the "official" erring on the side of
conservatism in order to learn....) With the number of rides increasing
(thank goodness) and the inclusion of LD more aggressively we are going
to be faced with some needs and questions in the near future.

One, we are going to have to pay our Vets more for the 24 hours ++ that
they are putting in at endurance rides. Two, we are going to have to
look at ways to reduce our reliance on strictly Vets for "Judging"
aspects of our endurance rides. I believe, IMO, that the role of the
Endurance Steward can assist in this dilemma.....

I would like to see an active discussion about this and some
communication to AERC for the Convention and to the Board to start the
process of expanding the roles of ancillary personnel at rides as well
as evolving the roles and uses of Vets at our rides.

Steve Shaw

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