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Re: RC: Wintec saddles

I think the wintec 500 and 2000 differ from the contour in having wool 
flocked panels ( conventional but quite wide for load bearing). I dont 
beklive you can get new contours cos people complained that they couldnt 
repair them. Otherwise I thnk they are mucht he same.

One successful rider of a Fell pony over here Wendy Creswell used to use a 


p.s. sorry I must sound like the wintec queen! Its a guilt trip from me 
having a Sports saddle which suits the horse but not my hip alas, hence 
buying a wintec.

>From: "John & Sue Greenall" <>
>Subject: RC:  Wintec saddles
>Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 14:54:20 -500
>I have a Wintec Contour, made about three years ago with an
>ajustable bar in front.  I think there were 5 different bars that could
>be used, very narrow, narrow, average, wide and really wide.  I have
>the average and wide bars and have switched back and forth
>depending on the horse.  We used it on several different horses
>and did ride a 2 day 100 in it.  My only complaint was that the
>bottom of the saddle was a molded polymer and hard.  We used a
>triple thick Woolback pad with it because of this.  I have not seen
>the new Wintec and am not sure if it is an improved version of the
>Contour or a new concept.
>John and Sue Greenall
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