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Abetta Saddle & Scary Critters

Thanks to everyone who responded to my query regarding this saddle. I was so
pleased to hear from so many people--and so promptly!

The stories of scary critters brings back memories...the time Apache and I
held up two lanes of traffic while he sidepassed across the road upon seeing
and smelling llamas. Fortunately the llamas ignored us.

Another scary thing was wagons. Apache could not bear them. Again, we once
sidepassed across an entire field in response to a wagon on the road over
100 yards away from us.

Once a bicycle passed us with one of those little child carts attached to
it. This time I saw it coming in time to dismount and stand by his head to
reassure him. Vehicles could pass us with less trouble, but those wagons! I
always wished I could get hold of a cart of some sort to help him get over
his fear--because he *could* get over his fears--but I never had the

Yet we had a buck and three does cross our path not 15 feet from us and he
stood quietly. (I was less calm, since I wasn't sure what the buck would
decide to do!)

T'Lara J. Freedom
Calgary, AB

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