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Re: eggbar shoes

>I'm hoping someone may be able to tell me if eggbar shoes would be
>helpful for my horse.  As she plants each  rear foot, her heel pivots
>outwards through the stance phase of her walk.  Does any one have any
>experience with this gait pattern?  Does it predispose her to hock
>problems later in life?  The vet suggested eggbar shoes to prevent
>the pivoting, and I'm wondering what our ridecamp "resident" vets
>have to say or anyone else out there who has some experience with
>this.  Thanks in advance for any advice or insights!!

   Our horse JD did this and probably still does although I haven't looked
in awhile.   JD is 8 and has 2110 endurance miles now.  He just completed
1150 miles with no pulls this season that included 3 full multidays and one
one day 100.  We have only used regular steel keg shoes on him.
    It is my belief that you do not want to change the movement, rotation
etc of their stride.  Just shoe as naturally and balanced as you can and let
them move the way they want to.   (Look for the best farrier available)

Jim Mitchell

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