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Re: RC: Oooooooops

In a message dated 12/2/99 7:25:10 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> I believe that sometimes good people make racist remarks

Please allow me to totally TOTALLY disagree with the above statement.  I 
"good" people NEVER make racist remarks.
    In this (theoretically) "enlightened" age. I am shocked and dismayed that 
the person of whom we speak in the OOooooops Posts spent twenty years in the 
U. S. Air Force and completed REQUIRED Race Relations Seminars could ever be 
so insensitive and then have the gall to "blame" it on the use of alcohol.  I 
see red flags all over this.
   I wish this "list" would stay endurance-related.  On the trails I see 
gaited horses, mules, Arabians, and horses of all colors.  And each and every 
one of them is beautiful.  To me, THAT is reality.
   As for the subject of this post trying to be funny, there's got to be a 
"comedy list" out there somewhere that would welcome his "humor."

Frank Solano


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