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South Carolina 100/50/30

Just back from JD's and want to thank all that made this ride a 
wonderful event.  Special note goes to the vets who extended the 
hold times in an effort to help the horses.  Must have worked as 
very few horses were treated.  The first hold after 26.6 miles was 1 
hour.  The 100 mile horses had a 30 mile hold after 42 miles, the 
50 mile horses had a 45 minute hold.  Kudos to the vets for doing 
this as the horses had a chance to eat and drink.  The 100 mile 
horses had a total of 3 1/2 hours of hold time.  The weather gods 
were with us also, dropping several inches of rain on us on Friday 
which firmed up the sand and left lots of water puddles.  There were 
times when my horse drank every 2 miles between my crew and 
the puddles.  I think that this is a critical factor in keeping horses 
healthy during a ride.  Congratulations to all that finished!
John and Sue Greenall

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