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Re: RC: Abetta Saddle

I've been using Abetta endurance saddles for about 6 years.  The first
one was with the fleece bottom and the second has the neoprene bottom.  I
may be new in endurance riding, but I got these saddles because they were
lightweight, no horn and were not leather.  My friends and I lived on the
trails.  The saddles have been used hard -- been beaten with trees,
rolled on by the horse, submerged in mud and water...etc.  The only
problem I have had is that on the older one (fleece bottom), the fenders
have lost their padding and you can feel the stirrup buckle and the girth
buckle, which starts to hurt a little down the trail.  I love the saddles
and will probably stick with the brand.  They are easy to clean -- just
take a hose to them!

Tall C Arabians -- TX

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