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Oh my!  This is really going to tick some people off!  But hey, what's good
for the gander is good for the goose.

Karen (oh no, I just cut my hair)
Hubby (I do almost all the grocery shopping and the laundry too!)

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Subject: RC: RULES

Rules Woman wished men knew:

Learn to work the toilet seat, if you managed to lift it up, gravity is on
your side when it comes to putting it back down.

Sometimes we aren't Thinking about having sex.

I ate it didn't I?  Is not considered praise.

Your responsibility for raising children does not end at conception.

Get rid of your combover, it's not different it's just as ridiculous as any
other combover, your losing your hair, face it.

An order of take out ribs and a Chris Farley movie is not everybody's idea
a good time.

Yeah, Yeah, you look fine, is not a compliment.

Yes, I do tell my best friend everything.

You have enough ball caps.

You have too many T-shirts.

You're too old to wear a Goatee.

Every actor we find attractive is not gay.   You can stop using this one, we
have all heard it.

A hug is not always a prelude to sex.

When we ask are you listening?  We already know that you are not.

Your best friend is an idiot.

Nothing says I love you like offering to go to the grocery store.

If you can rebuild a 66 mustang carburetor, working the washing machine
should be a snap.

Yes, and no are sometimes expectable answers, grunts and blank stares are

A sore back that prevents you from doing household chores for 17 months is a
problem, see a doctor.

Underwear is like a car, after 5 years it needs to be replaced with a newer

A romantic weekend getaway does not include baiting a hook

Slapping us on the butt and saying how about getting us a cold one sweet
thang, is not foreplay.

If it was really good for me, you wouldn't have to ask.

Nina (although I found John's really funny, and don't believe all of the
above, I couldn't help myself!)

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