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Re: RC: Re: Beet Pulp question

>Tried the Equine Sr. last winter, did not do much for him. Don't
>why, but I have had his teeth done and the vet said his teeth
>looked good for his age. The problem seem to be in what he can

  That was the problem with my Old Man, Jerry (he's 33).  Purina's Equine
Sr did a good job of keeping him from losing more weight, but he still
didnt' seem to be putting any on.  I decided to try a probiotic and since
I couldn't find the one everyone suggested -- Fastrack -- I got Focus Sr
by Source.  It worked great.  Jerry started digesting his food better and
gained a little weight.  Then my feed store got a new brand -- Evergreen
Feed Mill from Ada, OK.  The guy said it had more fat content and
supplements in the feed so I wouldn't have to add anything, so we
switched.  I am NEVER going back!! :o)  I have actually had to cut
Jerry's food back some!  For the first time in 10 years he has a lovely
round butt instead of a teepee and you can't see his ribs.  Plus, thanks
to Grand Flex, Jerry actually runs in to eat and will now finish his food
in an hour instead of 3 hours.  Purina's is good, but look around.  There
is better stuff to be found.

Tall C Arabians - TX

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