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Tennessee deer hunting story

  I have a great hit and throw the deer in the car story. My buddy Bill 
Dickey who resides in Lawrenceburg his Father in Law went to town to pick up 
some beer before the game on a Saturday. He hit a deer with his wifes new 
Buick Regal. The trunk was full of groceries and other stuff. So he threw 
the deer in the back seat. Was a nice 7pt buck young one too. Well turns out 
he woke up. He quickly got out of the car and opened the back door. The buck 
of course flew out of the car. Bills Dad in law watched in 
amazement(probably coss his shorts were full) and noticed something flopping 
from the bucks antlers. Bills Dad thought it was the velvet. Got back into 
the car and drove home. Never mentioning anything that happened to his wife. 
The next morning as His wife went to the car to go to church, She screamed 
to her husband that someone had vandalized their car and even had the 
gumption to leave some of their feces as well. She was calling the police 
when he came clean to his wife of what happened. Turns out when the deer 
woke up he not only took the headliner of the car, he ripped the leather of 
the seat, unloaded some of the baggage he was carrying, and all the seat 
cushioning that was on the drivers side back seat was now on the passengers 
side. The velvet that was flopping on the bucks antlers was the headliner of 
his wifes new car she was given as a retirement present.
Only in Tennessee is their a law that you can keep the food you run over.
Carla (possum flapjacks anyone?)
Baru (is that horses to mom??)
Haley ( I am gonnna go move in with crackerjack)
Rob (no babe think I will have the skunk stew tonite)

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