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Fwd: RC: Re: Re: Re: Beet Pulp

So far I have only found pelleted out here in southern Cal. Tammy - anyone, 
can you find it in the shredded? it would cut soaking time that's for sure!

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Beet pulp is a forage.  Overeating hay doesn't have devastating effects on
a horse.  I have heard people tell of horses getting into the beet pulp and
eating substantial amounts (like 30-40 #) without any ill effects.  Some
horses who cannot eat hay for whatever reason are fed beet pulp exclusively
(if it's a heavey horse it must be wet) and at 1 or 2 % of body weight that
could amount to a half a bag a day.  I have a lot of confidence in beet
pulp.  My experience is limited to the use of shredded pulp however.

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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