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Re: Re: Re: Re: Beet Pulp

We take a WHOLE bag of beet pulp to rides with us.  My horse tends to not
want to drink and become dehydrated.  Beet pulp is our savior.  I feed
soaked beet pulp (whole buckets of it!) starting the day before we leave
and until after we get home.  We get As on hydration now...beet pulp IS a
good thing and is a very useful tool at vet checks if a horse tends to not
want to drink much!  We feed a slop with a little sweet feed (flavoring), a
little of their regular pellets and cut up apples and carrots.  It works
wonders!!  If you check a LOT of feeds, dog and cat and otherwise will list
beet pulp as an ingredient.  It is not going to dry your horse out.  As
Tammy pointed out, it was a combination of factors that led to her problem.
 Also, we feed shredded pulp.  I think it wets down much easier and faster
than the pellets.  What is in feedstuffs is very finely ground up, I am
sure.  It's not the beet pulp to be wary of but the pellets themselves (of
any feed...).  Read Kim's post from yesterday...she did a good job of
describing the virtues of beet pulp....

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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