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Re: RC: Re: Re: its a huntin season DOC!

Well, much as I love and respect my friend Maggie, I've gotta pipe in here 
and say she does not speak for ALL Michiganders . . . I'm a vegetarian!   
(and yes Maggie, before you say it . . . I AM goofing off again.  Breeder's 
Cup today!  You gonna watch?) 

<< I have several hunters in our family...brothers, nephews, cousins, son... I
 hate to spoil everyone's high regard for my pristine image...but I LOVE
 venison!!  :)
 Maggie Mieske >>

Trish (Vegetarian Yankee Witch) & pretty David (Vegetarian Ay-rab)
Grand Blanc, Michigan
There is a certain class of unbelievers who sometimes ask me such questions 
as, if I think that I can live on vegetable food alone; and to strike at the 
of the matter at once . . . I am accustomed to answer such, that I can live on
board nails.  If they cannot understand that, they cannot understand much that
I have to say.
       -henry david thoreau-

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