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Re: RC: Re: Re: Re: Beet Pulp

In a message dated 11/5/99 11:37:17 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  So being ever so efficient I started to slowly 
 introduce bur/alf pellets to his diet.  Upon completion at a 50 miler (which 
 was hot and I had placed somewhere in the top ten) about 2 hours after, my 
 horse started to colic.  To make this short, we almost lost this horse >>


After all the beet pulp discussions on ridecamp a few months ago, I took a 
closer look at my feed label and noticed there was a small amount of beet 
pulp in it.  I've had no problems, but I decided to bring  a non-beet pulp 
grain to rides as I couldn't see feeding beet pulp during a ride when the 
horse tends to be dehydrated (even if it vets out fine).  At home I feed the 
grain that has some beet pulp, but not at the rides.  So far, so good,
The grain store has a new addition to their selection that is Enduro 
something or other that they were trying to encourage me to buy, but it has a 
really high beet pulp percentage (compared to the other choices), and I 
wouldn't touch it.  "But why are the 3 day eventers buying it?" 
"Guess they don't read ridecamp!"  

Nancy & Tempo 
Md (where it can get really hot & humid)

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