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Re: RC: its a huntin season DOC!

In a message dated 11/5/99 9:51:16 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Truman you and Howard feel free to go in camo!*evil 
 grin*  >>

Grrrrrrrrrr.  I hate hunters!  This deer shoots back.  Turman forgot to tell 
you all about another breed we got down here that definitely ain't Yankee.  I 
call em, for lack of originality, Florida bacco chewing, no teeth, gun totten 
rednecks, who, when approached by a person on horseback, responds, "YOU 
shoudn't oughtta be here."  

And that's just the female hunters.  You should see the men.

Angie would be able to relate to these people, I swear they have Tennessee 
bloodlines. I know they marry at 14 and are grandparents before 30.  Sure 
sounds like Angie's kin to me (Angie, I'm just kidding here, don't want to 
start a war with you gal).  They might have made it to south Florida, but 
their car usually breaks down totally soon after crossing our state line.  
This becomes their new home.   I know they marry at 14 and are grandparents 
before 30.  They are a strong argument to having a National Healthcare and a 
National Dental Plan in this country.

Howard (put a condom on that barrel, will ya?)

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