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Re: RC: Semantics: E vs LD

In a message dated 11/5/99 6:41:09 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  Are the people and
 horses at these rides thought of as either LIMITED or ENDURING?  I hope
 not! >>

Heavens, no.  The term "endurance ride" has a specific definition as per the 
rules, but that technical definition (as you pointed out in your post, one 
DOES have to have names for things) does not make LD riders any less 
diligent, gutsy, or whatever, nor does it indicate any less respect for what 
LD riders accomplish.  When I started this sport, most of us were already 
equine diehards--many of us had cattle ranching backgrounds, etc., so already 
had a foundation that enabled us to jump right in doing 50's or longer.  That 
is NOT the demographic pattern of most of the horse owners in this 
country--many are in suburbia and perhaps never even HAD horses as a kid.  
For the majority of you getting started, riding 25 miles is a daunting 
challenge--and it SHOULD be, if you haven't been-there-done-that in some 
other aspect of your life with horses.  There's no shame in that--that's 
simply a reality.  And then there are those on the other end of the spectrum 
who flat CAN'T ride further--much as they would love to--but who still want 
to see the scenery (and often the lure of "competition" is an incentive to 
get you out there to ride) and enjoy your endurance "family."  No, an LD 
isn't an "endurance ride" by definition.  But that doesn't make ANY of you LD 
riders 2nd class citizens in ANYBODY's book--at least not anybody that 
counts.  And furthermore, as I stated earlier, if you do an LD, as far as I 
am concerned, you are an "endurance rider" even if you didn't do an 
"endurance ride."  And for gosh sakes, when you tell your non-endurance 
friends about it, feel free to call it endurance--how else are they going to 
understand what it is that we do?


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