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GGNRA-Pt Reyes Seashore Citizens Advisory Commission meeting

To Ridecampers in the San Francisco/Marin County area:   The  CAC will
meet on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 1999, at 7:30 pm at the Manzanita Rec. Center
Gym, Marin City Community Center at 630 Drake Ave, Marin City.
    The Biggie Item of interest to horsepeople is No. 6:   "Equestrian
Facilities Update".
    If you'll recall, in May 1998 a furor was raised when the
administration of the Golden Gate Nat. Recreation Area announced plans to
close the three boarding stables on GGNRA lands, ostensibly because of
polluted runoff water  problems and perceived environmental impacts.   A
meeting was held; 200 horsepeople attended and let the agency heads know
just what we thought about that idea (among other subjects).   The feds
backed down and stopped plans to close the stables.   The Marin Horse
Council  immediately  formed a sub-committee with the stable managers and
have worked non-stop ever since to mitigate these impacts, to gather
accurate info about water runoff, to improve facilities and horsekeeping
routines.   We have been meeting at least once a month since then, both
with ourselves and with federal reps, biological experts, bean counters,
etc., in a major cooperative effort.   Hours on email,  reams of paper,
and a LOT of private money going into this.  
    The results have been impressive and encouraging.  The feds are even
now preparing a one-year Use Permit for each facility.   During the next
year, concessionaire contracts will be drawn up and publicized.    We are
going to keep these stables open!    but the battle is not yet over.
    The Nov. 16 meeting is the first one at which the general public will
be  briefed on the progress of the work projects and the meetings we've
been having.  ** We need supportive bodies in the audience!**   Don't
forget that the NPCA (Nat. Parks and Conservation Assn.)  in its magazine
last Jan.-Feb., wrote a horribly slanted and mis-informed hit piece on
the stables.   The quantity of anti-horse stable mail this engendered was
 enormous.   We had to spend a lot of time working around that story.  
The NPCA never printed a single letter of rebuttal, and those people are
still out there.  Comments will be accepted.  
    If you live nearby and can attend, please email me for directions. 
It's easily reached from Hwy. 101.  Or, call Michael Feinstein (GGNRA) at
415-561-4733 for more information.   THANK YOU in advance for your
support.....Cheers,    Connie Berto

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