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Re: RC: welcome to Ridecamp

Maybe I could sit with you for a while, then Howard for a while.  Don't
want to miss anything.
> From: Rides 2 Far <>
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> Subject: Re: RC:  welcome to Ridecamp
> Date: Wednesday, November 03, 1999 7:52 PM
> >> Whooooooeeee!  Got to get a gun.  
> Don't bother, we're all carrying one.
> >Saw two lions last>> spring.  They could>> sure take us two >skinny
> girls. (Candi and I).
> Detroit lions...or finish lions?  You girls better start eating or you'll
> never win a BC...unless it's a 100 right Jerry?
> >> Would be good to be able to make some noise, eh?  But I
> >> but my dog could>> take em. 
> If he's an endurance dog...I'm certain he won't be handicapped by a
> leash.
> > Even if I didn't hear them comin,>> due to my helmet, and my >mare
> trying to fight that>> Martingale.
> No, that's Sue Brown fighting the Martingale...maybe you can't hear it
> over all those cell phones ringing.
> Welcome aboard...are you going to sit with Howard...or me?  That's
> drinking...or non-drinking?
> Angie
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