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RC: Re: Re: Various thoughts/recent posts

I agree with you totally.  I've been thinking about the same thing while
reading the various posts.  I've done a number of 50's-jumped right in.
Then, due to horse problems, began doing LD's.  Most of my friends don't
know what "endurance riding" is, let alone LD.  How technical do we need to
be?  I just enjoy getting out for whatever distance I can manage and riding.
And I've found the people on rides great.  I haven't felt like a lcc (lower
class citizen) for doing LD rides.  Best wishes to all riders at all levels.

Gail Fuhrman, Manager
UCLA Department of English
P.O. Box 951530
Los Angeles, CA  90095-1530
310-206-5093 (fax)

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