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Singing while riding..was Re: Various thoughts/recent posts

>the horses seem to help keep each other motivated and when all else
>fails we sing to them (Grandma's Feather Bed is my personal favorite).  I
>don't know if they pick up the pace because they like our singing or to
>hurry up and get the ride over with!!  :)
I know what the answer would be for me!!!  (Can't carry a tune to save my
soul! ;-))  Besides...never could remember the words to a song or the punch
line of a joke.  What do those of you with similar impairments (I know
there must be more than just me out there with this affliction!) do for
songs.  My creativity drops to an all time low when I try to think of
something to sing...Mary Had a Little Lamb gets real old after a while! ;-)

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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