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"One friend of mine who rides CTR in the northeast received a TB award at a
ride.  It was a tiny outhouse mounted on a plaque.  She was known for not
ever making it to halfway without having to stop on the side of the trail,
so they gave her the Tiny Bladder award!

We once had a woman "get separated" from her horse on the last loop of a 75
mile ride in October.  The horse took off up the mountain all the way back
to the snow line (nowhere near the trail system)--she spent hours looking
for the horse and we spent hours looking for both of them, before they
showed up together, finally back on trail.  At the awards, we presented her
with a funnel gizmo with a long tube and a bottle attached, so that in the
future she wouldn't have to get off-----you can find ANYTHING in a ridecamp
if you look hard enough......

Terre  (PS--we gave her a completion even tho she was SERIOUSLY
overtime--horse vetted in great and we figure she did about 110 miles!--she
did come back in on trail!)

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