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Re: RC: RC: First vs. BC

In a message dated 11/3/99 5:59:20 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  When it steps
 up to the 100 mile rides, the LW's win almost all the time.  The
 heavyweights take it only 2% of the time in 100's.  >>

Part of the problem here is that the time factor is out of kilter on the 
100's.  If horses are evenly paced on a 100, and the leader does the 50 in, 
say, 5 hours, and another horse does it in 5:30, then if the ride were to 
stop there, the time penalty would be 30 points.  But if the horses continue 
on, so that the first horse does the 100 in 10 hours, the other horse does it 
in 11 hours, still has the same "relative" performance to the first horse as 
they had in the 50, but is now penalized 60 points for time.  I've always 
felt that when the mileage doubles, the time penalty should be cut in half.  
I think you would find, Jerry, that that might even out the stats some.  
Unfortunately, it is hard to go back and calculate from old rides using 
different numbers, as many folks farther back on the 100's just don't 
present, since they know they are facing such a huge time penalty.  There's 
something for you to take up with the appropriate committees, Jerry.  


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