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Re: Various thoughts/recent posts

Yes, sometimes you get different advice from different people.  Their
horses are also different.  I'll try almost anything once if it sounds sane
and reasonable.  Then I use what works for ME and MY HORSE.  Works every
time!  :)  That's MY research.  I have had people disagree with me over
various well, research shows such and such and so that's
hogwash or whatever....if something works for me or if I have seen it work
for someone else, then I am a believer.  Never say never.  There are some
things people do that makes me cringe...but it works for them.  Doesn't
mean I have to try it. And vice versa.  Our nutritionist aka sales rep
REALLY disagrees strongly with me over the amount of SE and E that I
supplement.  If I would just feed their feed in correct amounts (or buy an
additional expensive supplement)  I wouldn't NEED to supplement ANYTHING. 
But I also feed beet pulp and oil.  My horses look great.  They don't NEED
10 # of grain a day either!  So.... keep trucking on, asking lots of
questions, try a few things (even it sounds weird) and use what works for
you!  P.S. When my husband first wanted to use "quench" bottles, I wasn't
really enthused....too messy (might get too wet) and sponges were a better
way to go.  Now I love them (quench bottles that is).

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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