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Re: RC: Cannon bones/Tendon size

I got thinking about this some time back.  If you take a solid round column,
its abiltiy to withstand a load is directly proportional to its cross sectional
area and not its circumference.  Of course it is very difficult to directly
measure cross sectional area of a horses cannon and is easier to measure
circumference so it is logical that circumference is the measure of choice.

The cross sectional area is directly proportional to the square of the
circumference and not to the circumference.  Hence to double the cross
sectional area you only need the square root of two as large a circumference or
to double the cross sectional area you would need to multiply the circumference
by 1.414.

So if 8 inches is correct for a 1000 pound horse then for a 1150 pound horse
you would need about 8.6   instead of the 9.2 which would be the estimate if
you took the proportianl change in the circumference in instead of the cross
sectional area.

And of course in any analysis we are assuming all horses have the same type of
gait (which they don't) and all bones are the same density - which they aren't.

So I would think the best first order approximation is 8*Sqrt(weight
(lbs)/1000) in inches for the nominal size of the cannon bone as a function of
the horses weight.

For a 750 pound horses this would be 6.9, for 900 , 7.6, for 1200, 8.8, etc.

T wrote:

> In a message dated 11/2/99 10:33:22 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
> << Re cannon measurement:  I think Deb Bennet said that a 1,000 lb. horse
> should
>  have at least an 8 inch cannon measurement to be considered correct.  >>
> Yep.  And you have to remember that it is relative to the weight.  A 700#
> horse certainly would look odd with 8", but by the same token, when you hear
> folks bragging about 8" in their 16 hh 1150# horse, run the other way quick!
> Heidi

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