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RE: Fort Valley - p.s.

I hate it when I say stupid things in front of a 1000
well-informed endurance riders :) I remembered well after
my post that Squeak's sire was Sukuris, his dam was of
the Kosciusko line...I think...I'd better get
his papers out again when I get home. Plus I found out
he has more sibs in the NW. Ann Blythe has his half brother
Russian Sage HCC (also by Sukuris) with 4000+ career miles,
and Clydia Hasties horse Sukario HCC, a top 100 mile competitor.
Anyway, sorry about the pedigree faux pas. Still one
helluva horse!


> though.  First
> of all, horses are "by" stallions and "out of" mares, and since
> Kosciusko is
> a stallion, no one is "out of" him.  Furthermore, Kosciusko is not
> Russian--he is old Polish, being by the great old horse *Witez II
> and out of
> a mare that came on the same importation--*240 Koheilan VIII-5.  Thirdly,
> Sukaro HCC is not "by" Kosciusko, but is rather "by" the Russian stallion
> *Sukuris and out of the Hyannis mare HCC Rushara.  She is by a Polish
> stallion (*Ruszt) and out of Queen Shara, who IS by Kosciusko,
> and out of the
> old CMK foundation mare at Hyannis, Razifa, who produced
> top-notch endurance
> horses by virtually everything she was bred to.  Queen Shara is a
> full sister
> to Hal Hall's old horse El Karbaj, and by different stallions,
> Razifa also
> produced multiple Tevis winner Witezarif and AERC National Champion Law
> Thunder.  Although I have not checked for a few years, I am
> unaware of any
> top endurance horse from Hyannis that does NOT trace to
> Razifa--she really
> seems to be the horse that put them on the map.
> Heidi
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