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Re: RC: Re: poison plants

Hey, MIchelle . . . should we remind them which side WON?!  LOL!

Trish & pretty David
from North of the Mason-Dixon

 I dunno if y'all are trying to stir the pot or smoking it, but the Civil War
 is over!  Sheesh!
 :-) m
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 From: "Truman Prevatt" <>
 To: "RideCamp" <>
 Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 1999 12:32 PM
 Subject: RC: poison plants
 > Nope I wasn't but that is sure a smashing idea to deal with the yankees.
 > yet is to set aside a nice spot in this area for visiting yankees to have
 > fairwell picnic after they come down here in the winter and spent their
 > Then before they go back the the great frozen north and after they have
 > all their lose cash we they could be given hot dog rosting sticks from the
 > Oleander bushes.
 > Should work.  What do you think, Howard? It's better than giving the
 > indegestion from eatting too many yankees:-).
 > T
 > wrote:
 > > Re: Oleander
 > >
 > > I remember back in the 60's the people who built the Causeway between
 > > and Clearwater (FL) planted LOTS of Oleander along between th eroads
 edge and
 > > the waters edge. They also put in Bar-B-Que grills as this was a spot
 > > people liked to picnic, from boat or car.  Needless to say, people
 > > getting very, very sick. (Not sure about how many deaths)  So now the
 > > Oleanders are still along the highway, but there are signs on four sides
 > > warning not to use them for firewood, hot dog sticks or anything else.
 > > did howevr eradicate a lot of yankees back then. <bg> Truman, were you
 > > then?
 > >
 > > Jackie Baker
 > >
 > --
 > Truman Prevatt
 > Brooksville, FL
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