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Re:kids, competing, etc.

Carol Resner
I couldn't agree more.  It is especially disheartening to our
young riders who work hard to complete their first time, and hard
ly get noticed.  We need to recognize the efforts of these
individuals, as they are the endurance riders of the future.  At
Trail-Rite Ranch the juniors do almost all of the work themselves.  This
includes everything from groming and saddling to conditioning and
competing.  The vet in their own horses at the rides and pay
attention to the scores on their vet cards.  They also do all the
aftercare of their horses when the ride is over.  It would really
be nice for them to hear their name and their horses name at the
awards banquets.  I know that there are some rides where they ask
on the entry if it is the rider or horses first ride (First 25/50/100).
It would be great to hear that too.

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