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Re: RC: poison plants

Nope I wasn't but that is sure a smashing idea to deal with the yankees.  Better
yet is to set aside a nice spot in this area for visiting yankees to have a
fairwell picnic after they come down here in the winter and spent their money.
Then before they go back the the great frozen north and after they have droped
all their lose cash we they could be given hot dog rosting sticks from the
Oleander bushes.

Should work.  What do you think, Howard? It's better than giving the gators
indegestion from eatting too many yankees:-).

T wrote:

> Re: Oleander
> I remember back in the 60's the people who built the Causeway between Tampa
> and Clearwater (FL) planted LOTS of Oleander along between th eroads edge and
> the waters edge. They also put in Bar-B-Que grills as this was a spot  that
> people liked to picnic, from boat or car.  Needless to say, people started
> getting very, very sick. (Not sure about how many deaths)  So now the
> Oleanders are still along the highway, but there are signs on four sides
> warning not to use them for firewood, hot dog sticks or anything else.  We
> did howevr eradicate a lot of yankees back then. <bg> Truman, were you around
> then?
> Jackie Baker

Truman Prevatt
Brooksville, FL

Mystic "The Horse from Hell" Storm
Buck's Mystic Karma
Rocket a.k.a. Mr. Misty
Jordy a.k.a. Bridger (when he is good)
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