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Good Horsemanship

I am sorry if this is off subject, but I have never know a group
with more courtesy towards other riders then distance riders. So
I need your help with our saddle club. 

We have some new members who like to "cowboy" ride. They will
their horses, bolt up behind you, and run fast right by you. We
children, green horses and inexperienced riders as part of our
and even though some one has already gotten hurt from it, it has 
not stop. As part of our by-laws we have a rule that states,
"Courtesy and good horsemanship must be in use at all times." We
have decided that we are going to have to define what "courtesy
and good horsemanship" is because it is going right over some
members heads. 

I am no good at putting things in words that get to the point
without getting someone pissed at me. (I have proof of that
right here on ridecamp! That is why I have not gotten into this
discussion on LD,
Maggie is doing a fine job without getting anyone pissed off.)

So if any of you would mind, would you describe for me, what
good horsemanship and courtesy towards other riders means to you
and how you would describe it. Howard, this might be a good one
for you! ;-)


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