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Re: RC: Re: RC:awards & kids

Hey Lynne!
    I wish that all rides were as nice as yours!  I had 13 riders at your 
Norco Riverdance Ride 1999 and everyone raved about your banquet and award 
meeting!  If only people could follow your steps in management it would make 
this sport a lot more rewarding.
    If fact, most of the riders, including our jr's couldn't wait to go to 
the next ride in our area.  Your ride, and how the banquet/award meeting was 
done, made it possible for the last little girl to make up her mind to go for 
the next ride.  We as a group, all sit together and cheer for all of our 
riders that completed (in case you didn't hear us!) Yeah, right!  It sure 
makes it fun and the way you put it on made it more fun!
    To bad the last ride was so poorly done.  I was trying to get another 
little girl that was there with her Mom to go on our next ride planned, but 
she wasn't interested.  Even if RM's would just give out little ribbons with 
a home made (glue & glitter) completion saying on it would mean a lot to 
kids.  The cost, maybe $1.50 each.
    One question, how hard would it be for RM's to announce horse's names 
along with the riders?  I keep getting questioned on this.  People want to 
know the horse's name or they want their horse's name announced.
    Anyway, Lynne, keep up the great work!  We would miss your influence in 
this sport!

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