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Snakes Gators and Yankees OH MY!!!

yep we are aware of the ICE and snow. Funny how some of us southerners enjoy 
it a bit more than ya'll do though. Sheesh we have fun on the fourwheelers 
and stuff. nothin ain't more fun than four wheelin on ice. Course with all 
ya'll being so uptite up there It aint no wonder ya'll got a bad rep down 
here. Ya'll don't know how to have fun with what you got. Id rather have my 
Smokey Mtns but wouldn't mind seeing the Pocono's (sp)
At least here in Dixie we know how to sweeten the tea and offer a cold glass 
of lemonade or a Beer when you come for a visit. If I ever ride north I am 
gonna park next to a southerner for three reasons. 1) they offer free food 
and beverage 2) they know how to party And 3) to be there to see the best 
part of a party when a southerners famous last words are "hey guys watch 
why southern men are handy to have around.
1) they know how to put a screwdriver on a starter and get a truck going. 
Can be funny at times.
2) can cahnge a TAR in less than 10 minutes (neck car does pay off)
3) lots of cold beer
4) lots of good food (grits and butter!!yummy)
5)can usually repair anything with Duct tape and battery cables
6)becoss 1 thru 6 are actually entertaining.

Carla ( come park next to me honey I always got food and cold dranks)
Baru ( oh geez more drifters)
Haley ( you mean Hobos ru Hobos)
Rob ( oh geez honey more mouths to feed)

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