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Weight Tape Accuracy

In the following Sylvia notes that when she compared a weight tape
 to the truck scales she found only a 10lb. difference.  I had a similar
experience with a 2 year old mule. I wondered how the weight tape would
differ from a horse to a mule. As I recall, the weight tape showed my mule
weight about 660lbs and when I walked him onto the truck scale they said he
weighed 660lbs. I was surprised.

I also agree with the idea of owning a measuring stick. If we had $10 for
everytime someone told us a 14.2+H horse was 15H we'd be rich.

In a message dated 10/30/99 7:18:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Does anyone know of a more accurate way to estimate a horse's weight
 other than those weight tapes?  >>

I've heard of people taking their horses to the truck scales and having
weighed.  I've been lucky enough to have access to a scale at the Outlaw
a few years ago.  It was very educational.  Harca is a good sized Arab
and I had always thought he must weigh at least 1100 pounds.    When they
weighed him at the OT, he was 950.  The next year they did the weight tape
Tevis (S. Garlinghouse study) and he came in at 960.  Very interesting.  If
you saw this horse up next to most Arabs whose owners think they weigh 900
pounds, you would think he must be a draft horse.  Does anybody know what
"average" weight for an Arab is?  I'm guessing between 750 and 850.  Would
love to know.

(PS, if you don't own an actual measuring stick -- make the investment.
ESPECIALLY if you're horse shopping.  There aren't alot of 15 hand arabs
there (contrary to the sales pitch )

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