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Re: Re: Re: Uh-Oh! The LD thing again

Oh Maggie that was perfect.  Ya get the glory when ya pay the dues.
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Date: Sunday, October 31, 1999 8:08 PM
Subject: RC: Re: Re: Uh-Oh! The LD thing again

>Hi Maggie,
>I love a fair and good disagreement. Howsoever......When I used to run
>(three to five miles a day 5-6 days a week) I could call myself a runner.
>I entered a 10 mile fun run, I was so happy to just finish standing up and
>boy was I proud. But, No way could I call myself a marathoner. Wouldn't it
>be silly if I even tried to get anyone to include me in that "elite" group.
>They have earned the right to their own special club and I can try to get
>anytime I want. IF I want to do the conditioning and hurt like you know
>etc. etc. etc. Get the drift??????
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>To: superpat <>; <>;
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>Sent: Sunday, October 31, 1999 3:39 PM
>Subject: Re: Re: Uh-Oh! The LD thing again
>> Sorry, Pat.  Disagree about the placing in LD and judging for BC.  Burn,
>> burn, burn. :)  And telling someone they can't be a "true endurance
>> if they can't do a fifty or 100 is just plain mean spirited.  I think
>> is room for all distances in our sport and if we start putting up
>> lines, then this is not the sport I thought it was!  There are some who
>> ride 25 LD for whom it is a greater accomplishment (due to disability or
>> whatever) than those who can easily do a 50 or 100.  I see no reason why
>> they should not receive miles, points and recognition as well.  So, we'll
>> have to find a way to disagree and still be "fellow" endurance riders.
>> Maggie Mieske
>> Mieske's Silver Lining
>> McBain, Michigan
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