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Re: Tevis Page Suggestion

> gkls wrote:
> I am very curious to know who the horse and rider was that won the 1996 Tevis
> cup? I would greatly appreciate any light shed on the subject!!
>                                           Thank you so much!!!!

The rider you refer to is Erin McChesney.  She was riding her 14 year old 3/4
Arabian mare, Cougar's Fete.  The remarkable thing is that she and her horse won
both first place (the Tevis Cup) and best condition (the Haggin Cup) in 1996 AND
that that was the second time the pair swept both trophies, having done so five
years before, in 1991. 

Erin is one of only twelve riders in the 46 year history of the Tevis Ride to
have taken first place more than once.  In that time, both trophies have been
swept by one rider only four times.  Erin accounts for two of those.

Erin lives in the Auburn, CA, area.  She and her husband, Paul, own and operate
Scott's Corner Hay & Feed on Auburn-Folsom Road in Newcastle, CA.  She also
gives private lessons in dressage riding.

These and other records/trivia about the Ride can be found at,

Please let me know if you have further questions.

/richard, teviswebguy

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