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Doris,  Some vets in Maryland got together and passed a state law that prohibits anybody  to "treat" a horse without a vet exam of the horse and the vet's approval.
This includes massage, dental . acupuncture and chiropractic.  For some the vet must be present.
I think it is insane and pure greed.  I can go to anyone I chose to receive whatever treatment I want but legally I can"t have my horses teeth floated without a vet's approval.
 I tried to fight the passage of this but it was law before most of the horse owners realized what was happening and I could find no ground swell of outrage.
It was started by a vet who got mad when a  "non-professional person" disagreed with his diagnose.  This is the first time I have heard it being enforced.  Who is filing the charges?

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