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Re: no sale to endurance rider

I think a lot of this has to do with unfortunate misconceptions about
endurance.  Recently, I was told by a "knowledgeable" person that my horse
wasn't skinny enough to do endurance. He spoke in glowing terms of the
top-notch horses a friend of his used to have and every single one of them
was showing ribs... huh?  Ok, turns out that was in the mid-1970s.

I'm by no means saying that horses were routinely mistreated in earlier
years.  But, our ability to care for our horses properly has advanced much
faster than some public perceptions.

Might be worthwhile to try a little educating on reluctant sellers if your
friend really wants the horse.  Can't hurt anyway.


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dovie pickering
I have a friend who wants to buy a new horse.  She has called several people
about their horses in two cases when she said she is an endurance rider they
would not sell the horse.  I have never seen another group of people take
better care of their horses.  Has anyone else ran into this problem?

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