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Re: RC: Chiropractic

In a message dated 10/29/99 5:58:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Has anyone out there used a chiropractor for their horse that was not a
 veterinarian?  The guy I have been using is great and has done wonders
 for my horse, my vets horse and many other friends.  Just found out that
 he was called in for practicing on horses while not being an actual
 vet.  Has anyone had any experience with this.  I really hate losing his
 wonderful work because of this technicality, but can't ask him to break
 any rules and lose his regular people practice. >>

Yes, many of us use chiropractors who are not veterinarians, but I would 
caution people to stick with chiropractors that ARE licensed for people and 
who have additional training working with quadrupeds.  Furthermore, they need 
to work by referral FROM a veterinarian in order to be legal.  The one I use 
is VERY picky about having a referral from a veterinarian and working closely 
with the veterinarians for that very reason.  A good DC can be a great asset 
if he is working in conjunction with a veterinarian so that the horse is 
truly getting the correct care.  In areas where there is no DVM chiropractor 
available, this sort of teamwork works well.  In most states, veterinarians 
can prescribe chiropractic care, and if this is done, the DC is within the 

We do have some "lay chiropractors" in our area, and while they may well 
provide relief for a lot of horses, it has been my experience that they also 
do not have a full understanding of what they are doing and in some cases do 
more harm than good.


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