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Everything I need to know I learned from my Horse

  I read this off of a cup this morning.

Whinnying is Everything.
Don't Stirrup trouble.
Manure Happens.
A foal and his Mommy are soon parted.
The bucking stops here.
Show unbridled enthusiasm.
Just say "Neigh"!
Keep you shoes on.
Lead, follow or stay in the barn.
Some are barn to greatness; some have greatness thrushed upon them.
If at first you don't succeed, shy, shy again.
It's important to be well groomed.
Take everything with a lick of salt.
Save your ponies for a rainy day.
Jump each fence as you come to it.
A horse in the barn is worth two in the field.
Horsiness is next to godliness.
Hold your horses. 

And this is a true story, I had some friends out to ride.  And they weren't 
real horsey.  I pointed in the direction of the saddles and told one "I'm 
given you that saddle with the horn, since you haven't rode much".  He looks 
at me and says "Is there really going to be that much traffic out there?"

Nina Gibson and Goat (who apparently hasn't read some of the above, mostly 
the buck stops here!)

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