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Horse Wanted Again

Here we go again. Well we thought we had found a really nice horse for Audrey 
- and this darling mare has a temperament to DIE for! But...a poor front 
right foot precludes her from safely competing in gymkhana, distance and 
probably long term jumping. Ask me if I am glad I didn't allow Audrey to get 
too firmly vested in this sweet mare! IN any case it is back to the drawing 
board, so if any of you in the southern or central Cal area have a suitable 
mare, PB, gentle, hopefully ha sben over just a FEW fences - size is not an 
issue, small is okay  - let me know. We are looking around again. Of course 
the good news is that in the meantime I am getting work done on MY mare, and 
in addition, there is less work to do for a while. Not a geat thing under the 
circumstances, but I ned to look at the bright side right now. sigh! Anyone 
need a supe gentle, very pretty pleasure horse for their child?? The mare we 
just vetted is PERFECT for that!
San (who just DID this horse hunt a year ago!)

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